The Clearing Center – Individual Sessions

After a session, there is a wonderful sense of completeness and a desire to continue the positive experience.
~ Carol T., B.S., M.S, Green Valley, AZ

Carter Gronbach

For appointments with Carter in Murrieta, book your appointment online.


Mary Stockton

For Yuba City appointments, book online or contact Mary at (951) 225-5059.


Mary O’Dwyer

For appointments with Mary in Murrieta, call Mary at (951) 375-6425 or email


Lila Evans

For appointments with Lila in Murrieta, call Lila at 949-910-6102.


Jen Gronbach

Jen is currently on sabbatical and is not scheduling regular appointments.



Introductory Session $100 Duration: 2 hours

90-minute Session $120

2-hour Session $145