Jennifer and Carter Gronbach opened The Clearing Center in 2011.  They assist people in clearing the clutter within to achieve better health and well-being, reducing stress, anxiety and depression to experience more love and joy in daily life. They are excited to bring on Mary Stockton as a practitioner as well in the Vista, California area.

About Carter

Carter is a Senior Trainer with the Transformational Breath® Foundation, and works as a Present in corporate America.  He credits his personal practice of Transformational Breathing with helping him be a calm, focused leader in a stressful and demanding job.

As a breath facilitator, he particularly enjoys helping men and children understand the importance of integrating their emotions rather than suppressing them.  Carter hopes to work with corporations to help manage stress levels realized by today’s workforce.  He brings his own unique gifts and talents of working with energy into each facilitation.

About Jennifer

Jennifer is the founder of the Breathing BEYOND… and the Breathing BEYOND Grief™ programs and a Senior Trainer with the Transformational Breath® Foundation as well as a Grief Recovery Specialist®.  After struggling with depression, food addiction and co-dependency, Jennifer found true help beginning with The Presence Process and meditation which led her to the restorative power of her own breath through the practice of Transformational Breath®.

Through grief work and Transformational Breathing she has healed physical pain, emotional wounds, cleared limiting beliefs and has begun to embrace her own authentic self. Her mission in teaching these tools is to assist others in healing from the inside out, seeing their innate beauty and value so that they may truly begin to love themselves unconditionally, live joyfully and share their unique gifts and talents with the world.

About Mary Stockton (Vista, CA)IMG_20170212_153137

Mary is a Breathing BEYOND Grief™ practitioner, a Grief Recovery Specialist™ and a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator and Group Leader.   She credits the Breathing BEYOND Grief™  with healing past hurts and traumas, bringing peace and presence into her life again.  She also uses the breath work on a daily basis to help her be a calm and effective wife and mother.  

Jennifer is truly a heart with ears.
~ Taylor H.


My first session exceeded all my expectations, which were high to begin with.
~ Rose L.

Our Origin Story by Jennifer Gronbach

My “story” probably begins like many, in a home with lots of love… and addiction. I learned very early on how to control my environment and steer clear of my father’s episodes of rage… to make him happy, whatever it took. So I quickly became a pleaser. I was going to be the perfect daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, the best at my job, and, of course, look perfect too! I knew that if I could do that, I would be “safe” and I would be loved!

So I did just that. I achieved what looked to be the perfect life. But why was I unhappy? Why was I depressed? Why was I addicted to food? I had run myself so ragged trying to control my life that I was utterly exhausted, easily angered and completely burned out! I had to stop!

At that moment, my real journey began… I decided that I was just going to sit in quiet prayer and meditation. How hard could that be? I was going to get to know me – and God. Boy, was that hard. My thoughts ran this way and that. Five minutes seemed like an eternity. Didn’t I need to be somewhere? I wanted to DO anything else but sit and be. But what was I running from?

Then, in 2009, my dad died. I guess it was then I knew it was time to start healing from the past. Very shortly after he died I was given the Grief Recovery Handbook. Wow! I never realized until that moment how much grief and loss I had experienced in my life – and not just about my dad or death, but loss and change of all kinds. I had been running from my own grief! I began to see how I dealt with feelings, or did not deal with them, and could now see my patterns.

So I began to chip away, slowly, slowly, at the unresolved grief that had begun to run my life. As I began to clear away some of the heaviness, I started to feel true joy, little by little. I could now pray and meditate a little longer, and the discomfort of being still wasn’t as strong. In fact, it was comforting. I slowly started to enjoy spending time with the real me.

It was then that I found the book, The Presence Process, by Michael Brown. Another wow! Here was yet another tool for healing, and this tool was within me from the start – my breath! This process of being aware of my breathing was so simple and yet has helped me in so many ways. As I see it, I was given another tool to bring peace into my life and to see the beauty in everyone and everything, as well as myself. I now could “experience” what it meant by “Be still and know”. As I continued to work with The Presence Process, I “happened upon” Judith Kravitz and Transformational Breath®. When I went to her workshop, I got to experience a full breathing session and be facilitated by a trained facilitator. I was blown away! In my session, I felt so much love and energy that it was almost uncontainable. I don’t think I had ever experienced the kind of love that I felt during the session. It was truly unconditional. My husband and I were both amazed that just working with your breath could give you so much energy and be so emotionally healing. JenAndCarterGronbach

The following week, Judith was offering a week-long seminar near my home. It was at the end of that seminar that my own miracle happened. I opened my eyes after the last session and the tears began to roll down my face. What I saw was the most beautiful thing in the world within myself…LOVE! I know it might sound corny, but for me it wasn’t. My search outside of myself for love and approval was finally over. My husband always would say to me, “I wish you could see what I see in you,” but I just never could. Now, I do see it! And not only that, I now know that the love that is within me is what connects each and every one of us.

Having experienced such transformation myself, I chose to become a Grief Recovery Method Specialist and a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator so that I may bring these life-changing tools to others. It is now my mission to help others begin to clear away the layers of clutter and other obstacles that keep them from truly experiencing their innate joy and love! So take the challenge to “Be still and know”, find YOUR gift of breath and I look forward to sharing our journey together.