Our work is grounded in an integrative approach, using Transformational Breath®, Breathing BEYOND Grief™ and/or The Grief Recovery Method® to assist you in achieving optimal health, emotional development and wellness.   Most importantly, by learning to breathe better using a diaphragmatic breath, you not only improve physical health and vitality, but you can increase your breath capacity for optimal performance in sports and other activities.   Diaphragmatic breathing also helps to keep you calm and reduce stress in the mind and body and allows for emotional resolution from past hurts.   No matter what your goal, our commitment is to tailor a program just right for you and give you techniques and tools that serve you now and in the future.  At The Clearing Center, we offer a variety of opportunities to experience the process in a safe space.  The results are undeniable.  You won’t be disappointed!  If you have any questions at all, contact us.  Services are now available in Murrieta and Vista, CA.

Individual Sessions

  • Murrieta or Vista locations
  • Individual attention
  • Consultation and breath analysis
  • 90-minute or 2-hour sessions
  • Zoom or Skype sessions also available 

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  • Extended events and multi-week groups and workshops
  • Big changes in a short time
  • Dedicated time for you away from the stressors of life
  • Variety of different modalities

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At The Clearing Center, we are committed to meeting you where you are.

Transformational Breath® is….

A complete self-healing system using conscious breathing to facilitate improved well-being, inner peace and greater joy in life. Transformational Breath® is a unique form of Breathwork. It works by facilitating the natural healing process for all types of trauma, is beneficial in gaining greater physical, mental and spiritual health, and in maintenance of optimal health.

“The genius here is in the blending of the conscious and unconscious minds to achieve our highest potential. Breathing is good medicine.” ~ Christopher C. French, MD, MPH

“One Transformational Breath® session is equivalent to about two years of psychotherapy.” ~ Dr. Henry Smith Rohrberg

“The first time I had a Transformational Breath® session it was truly transformational for me. Unlike traditional therapy which can take months or even years to obtain results, I was able to release the effects of negative experiences from the past that were stopping me from growing and being free in many areas of my life. Each time I have the privilege of doing a breath session with Jennifer my life becomes more peaceful and I feel more grounded. It is a safe, loving and growing experience! I look forward to each time I get to breathe!” ~ Ilyse B., San Juan Capistrano, CA


Did you know that 70% of your energy comes from your breath? Did you know that 70% of your toxins are released as you exhale? Have you paid attention to your breathing? Do you find yourself holding your breath or forgetting to breathe in stressful or scary situations? How do you think that affects your body?

Restricted and shallow breathing is the key factor that contributes to fatigue, soreness, tension, anxiety, digestive blockages and anaerobic diseases. Otto Warburg, who won the Nobel Prize of Medicine in 1931, discovered that cancer and other anaerobic diseases, such as auto-immune diseases, thrive in an oxygen-deprived environment. Therefore, the more oxygen we bring into our body, the less those diseases can thrive. Breathe…

So what causes us to restrict our breathing in the first place? Resisting our pain. Somewhere along the line, most of us have learned that it is NOT okay to feel our feelings and, as a result, we must restrict our breath to restrict our feelings. Those unexpressed feelings remain “stuck” in our body and cause “dis-ease” and we are no longer in the natural flow of our life.

So what’s the good news? Transformational Breath® offers us a tool to open restricted breathing patterns, release negativity and bring joy back into our lives!

The Benefits of Transformational Breath®

Increased Physical Well-Being

  • ​Increases oxygenation throughout the body
  • ​Improves energy levels
  • Stimulates circulation
  • Balances the flow of energy through the body
  • Resolves addictions
  • Improves well being for many conditions and ailments, such as stress reduction, respiratory ailments, headaches, low energy, psychosomatic illnesses, anaerobic diseases, and many others

Improved Mental/Emotional States​

  • Reduces worry and anxiety
  • Enhances the awareness of self-sabotaging patterns
  • Clears past traumas and dramas
  • Increases life enjoyment
  • Relieves depressive and negative emotions
  • Improves self-esteem

Spiritual Benefits

  • Deepens Meditation
  • Allows full expression of joy and love
  • ​Strengthens the connection with Spirit
  • Expands Awareness
  • Develops Spiritual Gifts

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The brilliance of Transformational Breathing lies in its simplicity.
~Burke D., San Juan Capistrano, CA

The Grief Recovery Method® is…..

The Grief Recovery Method® Program provides the correct action choices that help people move beyond the pain caused by loss. It can be done on an individual basis or in a group setting which creates a safe environment in which to look at old beliefs about dealing with loss; to look at what losses have affected your life; and to take new actions which lead to completion of the pain attached to one of those losses. If you have experienced one or more losses, and you wish to move beyond the pain, this program offers you the probability of a richer and more rewarding life!

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Simply defined, grief is the normal and natural reaction to significant emotional loss of ANY kind. While we never compare losses, any list would include death and divorce as obvious painful losses. Our list also includes many others:  retirement, moving, pet loss, financial and health issues, among them. The range of emotions associated with grief is as varied as there are people and personalities. Grief is individual and unique. As every relationship is unique, so are the feelings and thoughts each person will have about the relationship that has been altered by death, divorce or for other reasons. While grief is normal and natural, most of the information passed on within our society about dealing with grief is not normal, natural or helpful. Grief is the emotional response to loss, but most of the information we have learned about dealing with loss is intellectual. The majority of incorrect ideas about dealing with loss can be summed up in these Six Myths:

  1. ​Time Heals All Wounds
  2. Grieve Alone
  3. Be Strong
  4. Don’t Feel Bad
  5. Replace The Loss
  6. Keep Busy

These myths are so common that nearly everyone recognizes them. Most people have never questioned whether or not they are valid. Just looking at the myth that “time heals”. It creates the idea that a person just has to wait and they will feel better. We have known people who had waited 10, 20, 30, and 40 years and still didn’t feel better. And, we know that they would tell you that not only had time not healed them, but that it had compounded the pain. The other five myths carry equally unhelpful messages. Recovery from loss is accomplished by discovering and completing all of the undelivered communications that accrue in relationships. We are all advised to “Let Go,” and “Move On,” after losses of all kinds. Most of us would do that if we knew how. Completion of pain caused by loss is what allows us to let go and move on. It is almost impossible to move on without first taking a series of actions that lead to completion. Learning a set of correct actions is what The Grief Recovery Method® is all about.