Other Breathing BEYOND Grief™ Facilitators

Minneapolis, Minnesota: Tony Castle is a Transformational Breath® trainer and grief specialist. After the death of his son, Kristian, in 1999, Tony found healing through Breathing BEYOND Grief™ as well as the Grief Recovery Method®.  He now facilitates child loss grief groups as well as brings individuals and groups through Transformational Breath® and grief work. 

(651) 442-1718

KimHeadshot1Oak Brook (IL): Kim is a Certified Transformational Breath® Facilitator, trained and certified in the Transformational Breath® Self-Healing System. Her teacher was founder Dr. Judith Kravitz and she has completed all levels of training.

” The breath helps me to be aware: of myself, my body, my feelings, what I’m holding onto, what needs to be released, and what wants to be created.” ~Kim

(712) 490-0002