Frequently Asked Questions about The Clearing Center

Q: What is the best way to get started at The Clearing Center?
A: Schedule an introductory session. In this session we will discuss your needs, what you want to accomplish and how we can tailor a program that’s just right for you. You will also experience a full 1-hour breath session.

Q: What can I expect in a breath session?
A: We will start with discussion and coaching around your needs and also ask that you set an intention for the session. We will then have you lie down on a mat or in a recliner chair and begin by looking at the way you breathe. We will then coach you on how to begin to use your diaphragm more effectively to open restricted areas of your respiratory system. This will result in a more full and healthy breath that will allow for some emotional resolution and also a feeling of relaxation, peace and a greater sense of presence in your life. Your breath session is accompanied with music to assist the session. A breath session lasts for approximately 1 hour.

Q: Can I use these tools on my own?
A: Yes! Our goal is to share our tools and empower you to be independent and flow with the ups and downs of life. We firmly believe you have all you need within you and these are techniques to help you access your own power.

Q: I have not lost someone close to me. Why do I need grief recovery?
A: Grief is not only about death. Grief is the normal and natural reaction we have to change. It could be a result of divorce or change in relationship, changing jobs or retirement, moving, getting married, loss of a pet, etc. Unresolved grief is cumulative and cumulatively negative and directly affects our capacity for happiness.

Q: I have tried all kinds of things and I still don’t feel better. Why will this work?
A: First of all, let’s take a moment to honor all of the work you have done to this point as it has brought you to where you are now. It’s important to know that a tool works only when you use it, and this is no different. When we practice, we get results!

With The Clearing Center practices, we are working on a deep level, working with your energy field on the level of the conscious AND unconscious minds. Both minds are creative and the unfortunate thing is we don’t know what limiting beliefs lie within our subconscious. Until these limitations are released into our conscious awareness, they drive much of our decisions and life situations without us realizing it!

Here at The Clearing Center we begin to work with your energetic field to help get to the cause of these limiting beliefs and allow them to be released so we can be free and make the right conscious choices for us. It is deep work at the causal level.

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